Audience reactions to Tryna Get My Live Together album+film (trailer) (scroll down for full movie)



An album and film by Precious Gorgeous.

Cover design by  Tom Mike Hill .

Cover design by Tom Mike Hill.

Written and composed entirely by him, and recorded live, with an impeccable band, the Blues in Bloom, Tryna Get My Live Together is Precious Gorgeous’ stirring new album and film. It’s a loving and irreverent chronicle of the most trying and transformational year of a Precious’ life. Tryna Get My Live Together is an album of a lifetime from a rapper-songwriter who has truly come into his own. LISTEN NOW.

Audience Reactions to Precious Gorgeous’ Tryna Get My Live Together


Gorgeous Ones: An interview with Precious Gorgeous while eating hot wings. Hosted by Anya Jones.


Tryna Get My Playlist Together by Precious Gorgeous (Spotify and Tidal playlists)

Arranged this is a sound palette of songs that inspired/feel at home with my new album "Tryna Get My Live Together." Take a trip with me into the specific colors and vibes that make up the musical space Precious Gorgeous is currently living in.


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